Sunday, December 19, 2004

loud emo because the family is gone

The family (Molly, Caroline, tiny unnamed fetus) went off to the midwest for christmas celebrations a few days ago, so it has just been me and The Ediedog here. I'm impressed with how quickly "God I love how quiet it is! I can really get work done!" changed into "Fuck, I'm lonely." Even when Caroline isn't around, I wake up in the middle of the night, expecting to see her needy, demanding face calling me out of bed.

The main advantage to not having the family here is that I can play the stereo really loud. Right now I'm having that really pleasant experience where the CD changer switches to a CD that you had put in months ago, and forgot that you had even purchased, because you haven't been listening to the stereo, just the downstairs boombox that tiny Caroline has already figured out how to put her tiny CDs in. In this particular case, the CD I forgot I had purchased is The Emo Diaries, Chapter 5, "I guess this is goodbye". It sounds right right now.

Well, grading is done. Tomorrow I drive off to join the family for family stuff. Then it's on to the APA, where I have four job interviews. (And I only applied for nine jobs! shows what a publication will do for you.) I was hoping to do something vacation-y once the semester was over. Actually try recording some music I wouldn't be embarassed posting to the web. Create a real web page. Something that isn't work or childcare.

On the stereo right now some earnest youth are singing "just to hold you, just to hold you, I came all the way." The guitars go chunk-chunk chunk-chunk chunk-chunk, in descending chunks.

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