Friday, December 03, 2004

introducing...the tiny unnamed fetus!

ok, the big news. Molly is pregnant. Child number 2 is due mid June. So far, everyone is happy and healthy.


Right now we are in the 9-10 week stage. I was going to scan and print some composit pictures of fetuses at that stage by Alexander Tsiaras. I was even going to make a thing of it, posting new pictures as the baby developed. But I realized the time involved was preventing me from simply making the announcement. So instead I have a picture from, above.

So far, tiny unnamed fetus is tiny and unnamed. I'm open to all sorts of names; Molly is more of a traditionalist. My name is officially James Robert Loftis IV. I am into the idea of passing on that name, but only to a girl. She could go by Jamie. Molly nixed this for the person now known as Caroline, but there still may be hope for the name if tiny unnamed fetus turns out to be a girl.

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