Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When are the electric cars rumored to come out?

These are really just notes to myself and Molly

The new Honda Insight: April 2009

The plug in Toyota Prius: 2009

Electric Mini Cooper Summer 2009

VW Golf 2010

Chevy Volt 2011


Molly said...

Also No definite release date outside of California, though.

The first two on your list seem to have limited or no plug-in availability.

Thomas said...

pleasantly surprised about the golf rumor. Our vw dealer said he thought vw was going to stay out of electrics in favor of a big diesel strategy (hoping for green cred via biodiesel I guess.) Guess the market talked them out of that plan

Pippy said...


Orange said...

Aw, I can't do a plug-in. I park my car down the street.

I want the Prius to be redesigned so it looks cuter and has better rear-window visibility. The rumored upcoming solar panels to power the A/C are tempting, though.