Sunday, April 13, 2008

our show

Molly thinks that the final cylon is Hera, or the unnamed child of Cally and Chief Tyrol, or both. I didn't believe it, because I was assuming that all of the final five cylons were models that existed since the beginning of the show. And how could the final cylon be orchestrating all the events if it just came into existence?

Molly's evidence is strong. Series creator Ron Moore says that the final cylon isn't any character that appears in a promotional photo that includes all the major characters. It would be completely toolish of him to make the final cylon be someone who hasn't appeared in the show at all. Dirk Benedict. Bob Dylan. Katie Couric. Also, Molly points out that the repeated phrase from the Hybrid "they won't shoot one of their own" and the recent plot twist where the cylon raiders refused to fire on Helo. I'm not quite sure how this shows that the final cylon is Hera, or even among the humans, but it points to the general theme of human-cylon unity, and having Hera be the final cylon fits this.

Also, I said that Hera can't be the final cylon, because she was only created in season two (or three, or whatever). When I said this, I assumed (1) the final cylon has been running things since the beginning of the show and (2) that any baby born of human and cylon would be the first of its kind. Maybe there is a cylon running the show that we haven't seen, and there are many copies of this cylon, and Hera and the baby born to Tyrol and Cally are among these copies.

Ok. I think Molly is right.

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