Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day at the office

I slipped away from the kids to get caught up on office work, and in the hopes of guiling myself into more productivity, I'm going to live blog what I get done.

Here's my to do list as of 12:01:

  • Sort the piles of paper in my office, get everything ready to hand back to students 12:43
  • Grade CT test 4 2:28
  • Notes on Watchmen paper now here 4:00
  • Notes on paper for AAPT
  • Grade CT test 5
  • Some progress on outcomes assessment paperwork
  • Clear email
  • Class preps (added 1:21: including answer sheets for CT tests 4 & 5)
  • Household to do list onto igoogle.
  • Keep unfogged time under 1/2 hr as measured by Rescue Time. ten minutes!
  • Letter for KC (added 12:18)

ack, it's 6 and time to go home. I got some of the class preps done, including the answer sheets for tests 4 and 5, and I got some of the grading done for test 5 (as in). I also went over to Quizno's because I realized I hadn't eaten all day and waas going to pass out. This has not been as productive as I'd have liked.

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