Thursday, January 18, 2007

The map of China that I want

I am looking for an online resource for maps of china that includes all and only the points of interest for my course. Picky, I know. Some notes so far.

I am finding Google Earth difficult to deal with. Now that I have upgraded to 4.0, unchecking boxes in the "layers" menu actually makes extraneous information go away, which is a serious improvement. However, checking boxes in the "layers" menu does not make useful information appear. No matter how many boxes you check under "borders", including "first level admin names (states/provinces)" you cannot see province names. Also, for what we are doing, a map with bright blue lines for the major rivers would be nice, but checking "water bodies" does no good.

This tourist site at least has interesting maps that show the extent of the different major Chinese empires.

Lots of fun maps at the Wikimedia Atlas of China, including also maps of the various empires. In a couple cases has conflicting maps for the same period, is missing other periods. Also, each map has a different frame. It would be nice for all the maps to have the same frame so you can click through them in sequence.

Ok, I've spent too much time on this. To the library to get books on Chinese environmental movements.

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