Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey SLU Folk! Check this out!

John Collins is running an excellent series of discussions on the use of language in the War on Whatever Bush Decides to Label Terrorism. The stuff below is adapted from his flier. The full information, including a complete schedule can be found here.

Keywords: Explorations in the Politics of Language and the Language of Politics

Organized by the members of Save Our Constitution
Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 in Dean-Eaton Lounge (with refreshments!)

Keywords is a series of campus conversations designed to stimulate awareness and critical analysis of the language through which contemporary politics is framed. The series will pay particular attention to language associated with the ongoing “war on terrorism.” Each session will focus on one or two words or phrases. Drawing on their own research and class discussions, student and faculty facilitators will make brief presentations, prepare concrete examples of how the language has been and is being used, and lead a discussion based on key questions.

Some highlights from the schedule
  • February 20: Patriotism (Rob Loftis and “Ethical Theory” students)
  • February 27: Peace (Laura O’Shaughnessy and “Introduction to Peace Studies” students)
  • April 17: Security/Homeland Security (John Collins and “Terror Alert!” FYS students)
  • May 1: Jihad (Michael Kemper and “Jihad Movements” class students)
Be there or be square.

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