Friday, May 12, 2006

Update on the collapse of democratic government in the US

Electorial fraud: Black Box Voting finds that Diebold's machines are full of holes. The company explains that these are only weaknesses if you assume that someone would try to steal the election. NYT story. BBC report. Via Unfogged.

Massive Domestic Wiretapping: A story on the lone phone company who refused to cooperate. Meanwhile, it turns out the justice department investigation into the wiretapping program was shut down because no one could get security clearance. And Matt Yglesias points out how neatly massive wiretapping fits with the right to arbitrarily detain anyone indefinitely without charges. (The last via Dead Dad at Bitch)

Bribes & Hookers: The investigation in to the bribery ring surrounding Randy "Duke" Cunningham--the fun scandal involving limo companies and prostitutes--has led FBI officials to search the home and office of the former number 3 man at the CIA, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo. Foggo is closely linked to former CIA chief Porter Goss, who recently resigned without any explanation. Foggo was an undistinguished field officer until Goss decided to promote him to the number three job. The Times offers this interesting tidbit about the selection process:
The man Mr. Goss first selected to become the C.I.A.'s executive director, Michael V. Kostiw, had to turn down the job when it surfaced in the news media that he had resigned from the agency in the 1980's after being caught shoplifting bacon.

Well, I've got two of three classes graded, so I'm feeling fairly on top of things. If I get the chance I will say more about relativism and why Singer might well be right about local food.

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