Monday, February 13, 2006


This is now the third successful weekday of my "write a page every weekday pledge." I've been thinking of things I could write in this space, but I've restrained myself. Mostly today I've been thinking about

  1. The possibility of a morally upright sociopath.
  2. The desirability of having the ventromedial area of your prefrontal cortex removed, so that sympathetic reactions to other's suffering does not affect one's higher order decision making.
  3. The desirability, conversely, of having the same area of the brain augmented by a large dose of neural stem cells, or perhaps simply by an injection of the milk of human kindness itself.
  4. Whether sociopaths can be said to "feel" the pain of others if sympathetic reactions effect every part of their brain except higher level decision making.
  5. Whether someone whose sociopathy is expressed in the endless quest to seduce women as a way of “conquering” them can make up for the low quality of sex in sheer quantity, thus attaining some semblance of the good life.

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