Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For Justice of the Supreme Court: Mike Skindell

Hey Ohio Voters,

This election incumbent Republican State Supreme Court Justice Terrence O'Donnell is being challenged by Democrat Mike Skindell. You might remember O'Donnell from this scathing exposé from the New York Times about corruption on the state's high court. Ohio Supreme Court elections are big money affairs, and Supreme court judges don't recuse themselves when major campaign donors appear before them. Instead, they just rule in favor of the people who gave them big money. O'Donnell is the worst offender, ruling for the people who gave him money 91% of the time.

The normally reliable Judge4yourself gives O'Donnell a higher rating. In this case, you shouldn't listen to them. They are aggregating recommendations from Bar Associations and newpapers, which aren't good sources for partisan elections at this high level.

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