Friday, September 03, 2010

Dennis Lambert for County Council First District.

Information gets thinner when you look at candidates for the Democratic nominatino for County Council first district. I'm going with Lambert mostly for the way he talks on corruption issues. He also mentions on his website that he has been both a union representative and a manager. I'm not as confident in this vote as I was for the county executive vote.

These notes are mostly from the Plain Dealer website and focus on stances on specific issues in the campaign.

James D. French (Lawyer): Not sure if he wants to release minutes of executive meetings. Doesn't want to raise taxes. Gets the Plain Dealer's endorsement. I haven't lived here long enough to decide what that is worth.

Walt Halun (Director of purchasing at some company): Will publicize the minutes, won't raise taxes.

Nicole Daily Jones (City councilwoman for North Olmstead): Wants to reduce taxes. Will release the minutes of executive meetings.

Dennis Lambert (Customer service supervisor at the post office, former Fairview city councilman.): Has a degree in accounting. He talks explicitly about ending the patronage system when he talks about ending corruption, rather than talking vaguely about accountability and transparency, as the other candidates do. Wants to release the executive minutes in a limited form. Wants to reduce taxes.

Pete Matia (retired UPS driver, former city councilman for Fairview Park): Will release minutes, will not raise taxes.

Maureen Sweeney: would consider raising taxes, would not change the policy on minutes of executive sessions.

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