Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Worst science reporting ever.

Be sure to click through to read the story. Remember, science reporting gets really bad, and this is the worst ever science reporting.
Worst science
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Molly said...

Several questions spring to mind. I had always thought of a "romp" as extramarital. Was that the case with the fruit flies? Is it hard for scientists to detect wedding bands on fruit flies? Do the fruit flies wash their dishes by hand, or do they use a dishwasher? What sort of vacuuming device do they employ? Is there a proboscis involved? Do the female flies dust and vacuum while the males watch televised sports? Which teams do they back? Also, what's a boffin?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, science does often make such doubtful connections between animal experiments (mice, rats, flies, monkeys etc) and
human behavior, based on their genetic and physiological similarities to humans. Really any such analogy must be taken with a grain of salt. likening
Flywork to human housework is a hell of a stretch.

Term said...
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