Friday, August 08, 2008

Wendy Turgeon: pedagogy of the unimpressed

I. Why do students find philosophy dull?
II. Philosophy for Children
III. Using techniques from philosophy for Children on undergraduates.

I. Why do students find philosophy dull?
A. Not useful for jobs.
B. precollege experience is passive. Test oriented.
C. Odd relation to questions: questions are factual, procedural. Questions are a sign of weakness.
D. Lack of cultural knowledge. "what's an atheist?"

When your students were five they were wonderful philosophers.

Philosophers working here: gareth matthews, Lippmann has a curriculum starting in preK.

Lipmann: Philosophy is Socratic inquiry into aspects of the human experience that are important.

[it looks like Lipmann is just transferring good undergrad pedagogy (as the AAPTers would define it) to the kids level, complete with new books and exercises.]

III. Three elements from Lipmann applied back to undergrads

A. Philosophy is a process
B. Students need to be actively engaged.
C. Community of inquiry involves a live matrix for engaging students.

[all standard rules for good teaching.]

Invite children to rethink childhood [now this is new]

She has a nice photo movie for class use.

Ok, small groups now.

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