Monday, October 29, 2007


I just got out of an hour and a half long meeting which included the phrase “a timeline with monthly benchmarks for generating a set of rubrics for assessing infused curriculum outcomes.”

As near as I can tell, this timeline is a third order assessment: it is a method for assessing our progress in developing a method for assessing the methods of assessment used in classes.


Orange said...

Keep us posted on how that's going so we can offer a fourth-level assessment and eventually cause the world to implode.

C.A. said...

What do you guys infuse your curricular outcomes with? A little scotch and perhaps some musk seems to work well-- though not perhaps for all courses.

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

Colin: Molly says that there is just about nothing that you wouldn't think was better if was infused with scotch. Musk I'm not so sure about.

In any case, the grammar of the original phrase is ambiguous. In fact, we have infused our curriculum with outcomes! No matter where you look in the curriculum, there is an outcome! Now we need to assess all these outcomes that have been infused in the curriculum.

Orange: I can keep you updated on my efforts to develop methods for judging these outcomes that have been infused throughout the curriculum. (I just received two long emails about it!) If you assess those, you will be adding another third level assessment, along with the timeline that is used to judge my rubric for judging infused curriculum outcome. To get a real fourth-order assessment, we need to assess this timeline. But there really isn’t much to say about it. Either I have my second level assessments done by March, or not.

Anonymous said...
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oudemia said...

I would have the best course evaluations ever if I infused my curricula with rosé champagne and Shalimar.