Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Joey and I have made a new discovery

Again we were watching videos on Youtube. The goal of this game is to find something that holds both his interest and mine. The Ramones do an admirable job of this, and they lead us to a new show on NickJr, *Yo Gabba Gabba*
As you can see, the show follows the formula established by Pee Wee's Playhouse of appealing to kids with bright colors and standard kids themes and appealing to adults by featuring hip music and being skull-crushingly weird

Note: I originally linked to this version of the intro, which is obviously youtube user contributed extreme weirdness, but is also cool.


The Constructivist said...

I'm more of a Between the Lions guy, myself, or would be if we could afford cable. But this sounds promising.

Thomas said...

Whoa, was that Biz Markie I saw in there for a brief moment?

Orange said...

Rob, have you heard any Ralph's World tunes? I see you've got a kid's music blogroll, and Ralph (a Chicagoan) isn't on it. Check out his oeuvre here. "Clean My Room" is blues, "Bedtime Girl" is a love song to his daughter that makes me tear up every time, "Clean Up" has a reggae beat, "Honey for the Bears" is old-timey countryish, "Sunny Day Rainy Day Anytime Band" rocks out, "Take a Little Nap" borrows a disco tune from KC and the Sunshine Band, some are classic kid songs set to a rock band, and some are original songs with fun lyrics (who doesn't like to rhyme rhinoceros with preposterous?). I was sad when my kid lost interest in kid music, because I liked listening to Ralph's World in the car.

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

That does sound nice, O. I'll try to get Joey and Caroline interested.