Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Completely Unlikely Solution Y

Note to self: Sometimes, you have a conversation that goes like this:

You: Hey, Person in My Line of Work, how do you deal with Classic Workplace Problem X?
Person in Your Line of Work: Why I just use Completely Unlikely Solution Y, and it solves everything for me, no problem.

Please remember that most people who talk like this are full of shit. They haven't solved the problem effortlessly; they just want to make you think that they can solve this problem, and all sorts of problems like this, effortlessly. If they have actually implemented Completely Unlikely Solution Y, it has given them an incredible headache they are not telling you about. Under no circumstances, should you try to implement Completely Unlikely Solution Y.


Thomas said...

I realize this is just a note to self, but since you did post it on your blog, I hope it's not unfair to point out that it's a just a little bit difficult for some of the rest of us out here to follow, without maybe a specific illustrative example or two of what you're talking about.

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

I thought the generic phrasing would make it easier for people to fill in the details appropriate for their own workplace, and that furthermore many people in many walks of life would be able to.