Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Christopher Dodd introduces a bill to roll back the MCA

Christopher Dodd has introduced a bill that would undo the damage of the Military Commissions Act. In particular, it restores the right of habeas corpus to detainees. You can become a citizen cosponsor of the bill by clicking here.

There is also a charming video of Dodd explaining the act. He's at his desk, with his tie loosened, and a half full Styrofoam cup of coffee in front of him. I don't know if the look is deliberate, but it does project a "hard working legislator" image.

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david said...

this is the most encouraging news out of Congress in ages. and this act has teeth. it is meaty.

there is a lot at foot these days. Brandon Mayfield, the lawyer who was wrongfully imprisoned for the Madrid bombings, his home broken into twice by the FBI, his family followed, is challenging the Patriot Act this spring in court.

you can read a blog entry of his at: