Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Its like the epcot center, or something.

Louisa Lim is doing a week long series on NPR about the construction boom in Shanghai, including a weird plan to create 9 satellite towns housing 500,000 people each designed in the style of a different country (6 European styles, 2 Chinese styles, and one Canadian). It sounds a lot like the fake villages at the EPCOT center, except that people are actually supposed to live there.

Lim's most recent broadcast ended with some serious, and probably needed editorializing: "And with homes priced out of the market for many, Shanghai's plans for its satellite towns are placing gimmicky foreign settlements above the real needs of its own people."


Thomas said...

In Disney's original conception, people were supposed to actually live in EPCOT.


Thomas said...

Oh, see also Waltopia.

Lindsay Beyerstein said...

I wonder what the "Canadian-style" town is going to look like. Montreal 1968, vinyl siding, or what?

anacreon said...

I am way late and don't think anybody is going to see this comment (Merry Holidays everybody!), but I can't believe you would post about this without referencing Celebration, FL.