Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kristin Hersh has Blog!

Kristin Hersh has blog! How come no one told me? The woman whose CDs sing my children to sleep many nights and whose numerous bands constitute a big chunk of the CDs Molly and I can agree on has a blog!

And it seems to update regularly, not like the dead Sleater-Kinney blog! And it is in easy to access, standard blog format, not like the flash-heavy, gee-gaws-fill-75%-of -the-screen-so-the-text-is-in-6-point Kaki King blog!

In fact, she seems to be using blogger for her software. One of the things I always appreciated about Bob Mould's blog--and real proof that he is still super punk rock--is that he uses the same blogging software that I and a lot of other ordinary bloggers do. I assume he does it all himself: He doesn't have some elaborate site put together by marketing executives. Moby's blog used to look all market-y, but now I see that he has at least given his blog the look of an ordinary blog.

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