Sunday, July 24, 2005

Seeing Sooey and Saints/ at the Fair

We again crossed over into the Bedford Falls half of our tiny hamlet to go to the county fair.

Update: added expandable post, because I was concerned that all the pictures made the page take to long to load. Also added a link in the part of the post about sustainable farming in these parts.


There were rides.


And facepainting. Caroline suggested the spider all on her own. I think I’ve passed on a bit of goth to her.


The Republicans were there, but not the Democrats. You’d think in a heavily Democratic state, we’d have the coordination and resources to make a showing. Have we just written off this vote?


In the 4H tent, there was a display of posters from kids being home schooled, which included this gem. The placard just says “The Dangers of Evolution” and has a nice drawing of a baby orangutan. I’m not sure what the dangers of evolution are, but lame, inscrutable graphic design is clearly a danger of creationism.

What do get along with your Republicans and creationists? Drug dealers!


The Skoal tent featured four tattooed youths sitting in front hawking “free chew.” The first hit is always free. The only thing I could see inside the tent was a box that looked like it was for raffle slips.

The best parts of any county fair, though are the animals. And this fair had some lovely critters


But there was no sign of any organic agriculture or animal agriculture with a concern for animal welfare or preservation of domestic animal biodiversity or, well, any sign that there might be something wrong with the current agricultural system.

update: here is an NCPR story about a recent effor by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Service to get dairy farmers to let their cows out into the sunshine, where they can eat real grass and return their waste to the soil and all that good stuff.



The only sign of environmental consciousness was this display from the Cornell Cooperative Extension service


Of course, wherever you have dysfunctional agriculture, you also have advertisements for obesity.


If Morgan Spurlock had spent 30 days eating only at county fairs, he’d have died before day 15.

My favorite was the circus act. Boys and girls! Welcome the aerobatic Miss Alejandra!


Are you ready for the motorcycle in the steel cage! From Columbia! The Amazing Alajandro!


And puppies!


I imagine the puppies are all named Alejandro or Alejandra, but they didn’t say.

Of course the real highlight of any fair is the people watching

"It's a lot of face
A lot of crank air"

I don't feel comfortable taking pictures of strangers without their permission, so you will just have to imagine that part.

"Summer is ready when you are"

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