Thursday, November 11, 2004

Adventures Close to Home

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ok, here's some parenting bloggage.

Tiny Caroline has reset her internal clock, and we can't seem to set it back. Right now "morning" is ~4 AM, and "night" is ~6PM. When she pops up at ~4, she announces "all done!" It is difficult to convince her that she is not, in fact, all done. This is no good. We have given birth to a defective, insistent, alarm clock.

For a while it looked like she had given up on napping, but then yesterday, she took a 4 hour nap, which moved "night" up to 9:30, but had no impact on "morning" at all. We've been trying to keep her up later, so she will sleep in, but short of hiring a brass band, there seems to be no way of doing it.

Thusfar we have wound up doing exactly the thing we probably shouldn't be doing. We've been taking turns getting up with her at ~4, feeding her, reading to her, etc. We can't continue like this. We aren't "cry it out" parents, or even "Ferberize" parents. We are tired parents, though.



bitchphd said...

I'm not a cry-it-out parent either. How old is Caroline? B/c my advice is just basically to deal with it--you can't make her sleep. If she's talking, she's maybe between 1-2, somewhere? Does she sleep in your bed? If not, could you take her into bed and let her wake, or maybe fall back asleep, or at least play quietly while you sort of doze halfassedly for a little longer?

All I can say is that during each hideous phase where I couldn't handle it, I just figured out a way to handle it (possibly going to bed at 6, or whatever) and wait it out.

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

Prof. B

Tiny Caroline will be two next month. She still sleeps in bed wit us, so when she wakes up, she promptly wakes us up.

Basically, we've been doing what you did. We've been going to be earlier, and when she wakes up, one of us goes downstairs to the playroom with her and dozes halfassedly on the couch while she flips through her books, looking at the pictures, and pointing to the horsies.

It could be worse, but it is still sub-optimal.